SUPER SACADA will not take into account technical criteria, because the purpose of the event is to promote integration and wellbeing through sport.

To participate, interested parties should fill out the registration form and donate 2 kg of non-perishable food (except for salt and sugar) in order to receive the official event kit*. SUPER SACADA KIT includes a t-shirt, a hat, a squeeze and an identification bracelet. Participants must be wearing the t-shirt and the hat, as well as the identification bracelet.

*Super Sacada will provide 4,000 participation kits. After the distribution of the 4,000 kits, interested parties may participate in the event by purchasing, at the time of registration, one of the event’s special kits: Dry Fit Kit and UV Kit.

The exchanges will be held from March 21 at the headquarters of UNIJORGE University:

Avenida Luís Viana, 6775 -. Paralela, Salvador - BA
From Monday to Friday, 12pm - 6pm

You can register to participate in the following categories:

• SporTV Volleyball School (12-16 years)
• Adult Volleyball (from 17 years up)
• Master Volleyball (over 60 years)
• Sitting Volleyball

Registration is individual and teams will be formed at the event.

Up to 4000 medals will be distributed to teams who attend the awards tent after the result of the games.