About SporTV
Since 1991, SporTV’s trajectory is intertwined with the history of sports in Brazil. Recognized as the sports channel number one, the third most watched cable TV channel and the channel with greater coverage of sporting events, SporTV aims to expand the brand beyond the traditional sports media without losing the function of sports entertainment, to have a closer and stronger relationship with its audience, in a comprehensive manner. Currently, the channel broadcasts over 5000 events over 30 live arrangements during the year.

There are about 50 hours per week of sports journalism in a 24 hours programming with the best team, innovation, expertise in great broadcastings. These are attributes that have been conquered and enhanced by SporTV over the years, always in search of the best sports stories on all platforms.

Our support to Super Sacada
SporTV believes that Super Sacada will be a powerful tool for the dissemination of values ​​linked to sport. Actions like this create an emotional bond with the brand in a simple, natural way and reinforce the premise that everyone has the potential to be a champion.


Over the past few years, the Municipality of Salvador has increased the sporting events calendar in the city, with achievements, partnerships and support for various modes, including cycling, running, water and air sports. Now, the volleyball time has arrived.

Super Sacada project came at an important time in the city, which now has the structure and the potential to host major events, thanks to recent requalification in our waterfront, in public spaces and tourist facilities. Supporting this project is more than a priority to us. The expansion of the calendar of sport events is one of our current guidelines.

In addition to bringing the sport to young people, Super Sacada enable adults, seniors and also handicapped to practice beach volleyball and learn their techniques with trained professionals and even national sports icons.

Among its actions, Super Sacada also disseminates values ​​of environmental awareness and social responsibility. Participation will be by donating food 2kg and all materials used during the event, such as balls, whistles, nets, among others, will remain as a heritage for the city, under the control of Municipal Directorate of Sports and Volleyball Federation of Bahia. The Municipality of Salvador invites everyone to participate in this that will be the largest amateur volleyball event in Brazil!


Jorge Amado University Center (Unijorge) forms global citizens that are technologically competent and socially responsible through courses belonging to an extensive training project with a focus on excellence, buoyed by solid ethical principles and commitment towards individuals and society.s des cours appartenant à un projet de formation approfondie, fondée sur l'excellence, des principes éthiques solides.

Unijorge strongly believes that in addition to the academic excellence and quality of the service, professional training of students must go through a unique and memorable college experience. That is what the institution offers to the whole community of Unijorge: amazing experiences to be happier and to make a difference.

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